Affordable Michigan Health Insurance With Maternity Coverage

Michigan Health Insurance with Maternity Coverage is always a hot topic as I talk to women about their health insurance needs here in Michigan.

Michigan maternity coverage is important, and if needed their are some policies on the market that are very popular. The next couple of plans will outline the options females have in the state of Michigan.

1. Individual Care Blue Plus from Blue Cross Blue Shield- This is considered to be a popular plan due to the fact it incorporates the Cofinity Network. This means you can go see any OBGYN within the network. The downfall however is only the delivery and newborn exam is covered. Any pre and postnatal exams are not covered. The maternity coverage is built into the plan, so no extra riders have to be bought.

2. HMO One Blue from Blue Cross Blue Shield- When it comes to benefits, this by far the most superior plan on the market. Pre and postnatal exams are at copays of $30. Delivery and nursery care is 100% after deductible. Downfalls may include the fact that it is a HMO. HMO’s require that any doctor you see must be in their network, so if you have a favorite OBGYN, you must make sure he is in the BCBSM HMO network. If not, then this plan is not right for you.

3. Michigan Maternity coverage with Assurant Health- Most plans on the private market stink when it comes to maternity coverage. However, Assurant health does something worth noting. If you have their HSA, or copay plan, you can add on (select) a maternity deductible separate to the regular deductible you have for your medical. I know it does not sound appealing; however the two most popular maternity deductibles include $2500 and the $5000. So from day one (90 day waiting period to get pregnant), you would know what your out of pocket is for the pregnancy. Also keep this in mind, by having the maternity deductible, everything within the pregnancy is priced within the network (Cofinity) discounts. After the BCBS HMO, I feel this is the best option for female consumers in the state.

Maternity benefits should be important to Michigan consumers, if they have any desire to have children. We offer plans that suit females, if again they desire coverage for Michigan maternity coverage. The need for maternity is usually determined after we sit down and discuss needs and options.

While slim, we do have options for females for Michigan health insurance with maternity. Contact us today at to learn more. Also do not forget to come back and view updates at your favorite Michigan Insurance blog at We are the leader in Michigan health insurance news.

Randy Palmer
Affordable Michigan health insurance

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